NEXT HFA115sHP - Active Reflex High Power Subwoofer

NEXT HFA115sHP - Active Reflex High Power Subwoofer


HFA115sHP - Active Reflex High Power Subwoofer


  • Flared Ports for Less Power Compression
  • 2960Wprg Powered Subwoofer
  • 136.7dB Maximum SPL
  • 15"/4" Voice Coil, Long Excursion, Speaker
  • Networkable DSP with Control Software


  • Type: Active Reflex Subwoofer
  • Freq. Resp. (-6dB): 32Hz - X-over
  • Maximum SPL: 133.7dB/136.7dB (Half-space)
  • Section Power (RMS/Program/Peak) LF: 2200W/2960W/5920W
  • Net Weight: 37.1 kg

The HFA series are fully powered system solution (the HFA206 also have a passive version), designed to deliver high output and dynamics, extreme linearity and fidelity for unrivalled performance.

The integration with high efficiency DPAmplifier modules, with up to 1650 Wrms, and the advanced digital processing, set a new standard for distortion, noise and thermal efficiency. A surprisingly simple handling concept lets you plug in and play straightaway. Configure the system by selecting the right Preset and let the system do the rest. Of course, as in the other series, the Presets can be edited and stored in 2 USER memories.

Versatile enclosure designs, combined with a wide range of mounting options and associated hardware, provide unrestricted flexibility for both portable and installed applications.

To further simplify creating active 2-Way systems the HFA112s, HFA115s, HFA118s use an integrated 2-channel digital amplifier to power external full-range passive speakers, for example the HFA206p or X-line.

On this series there are several color combinations available, please choose your color!