NEXT LAm114xA - Active Coaxial Stage Monitor

NEXT LAm114xA - Active Coaxial Stage Monitor


LAm114xA - Active Coaxial Stage Monitor


  • 1350Wprg 2-Way amplifier
  • Highly coerent coaxial design
  • Very smooth and clear sound
  • 14" LF and 2" HF neodymium drivers
  • Compact low profile


    For more flexibility this series has an active model LAm114x that incorporates a very high performance class D amplifier with DSP. The integration with high efficiency DPAmplifier modules, with 1650Wrms, and the advanced digital processing, set a new standard for distortion, noise and thermal efficiency. The DPA amplifier module delivers an impressive sonic punch with perfectly balanced, rich and transparent, sound at any volume.

    With the supplied SOUNDWARE software and a PC, it is possible to edit each one of the 6 pre-loaded Presets and store it in any of the 2 free memories.

    Editable parameters are: input equalization, input delay, input High-pass/Low-pass filters and the “Bass Enhancer” function. A total of 255 units can be controlled simultaneously by the software.