NEXT PXL118 - Hybrid-Horn Subwoofer

NEXT PXL118 - Hybrid-Horn Subwoofer


PXL118 - Hybrid-Horn Subwoofer


  • High SPL with good Low End
  • Stunning impulse response accuracy
  • Dynamic bass even under high SPL loads
  • Long excursion 18"/100mm VC speaker
  • 2 cabinets configurations for optimal coupling


  • Type: Hybrid Horn-Loaded Bass Speaker
  • Freq. Resp. (-6dB): 42Hz - 180Hz
  • LF Extension (-10dB): 34Hz
  • Maximum SPL: 137.8dB/143.8dB (Half-Space)
  • Power (Pgm/Peak): 2400W/4800W (10ms)

The PXL118 makes use of a Hybrid design to achieve high maximum sound pressure while producing deep low bass well below 50 Hz. Even under maximum load the impulse response accuracy is striking.
The PXL118 is a subwoofer with a rich, punchy sound, specifically designed to match the PXH64 mid/high speaker extending its frequency response down to 50 Hz. Its cabinet shape, size and flying arrangements are totally compatible with the PXH64.
To achieve the highest possible sound pressure levels, the PXL118 is conceived an hibrid bass horn and armed with a very powerfull, long excursion, 100mm voice-coil, 18“ woofer for precisely and powerfull bass without any dynamic loss even under high SPL loads.