PreSonus StudioLive RM16A

16-channel Touch-software Controlled Rack Mount Digital Mixer with Active Integration DSP, 52 x 34 FireWire 800 Audio Interface, 16 XMAX Microphone Preamps, Onboard Digital Effects, QMix, Onboard LAN/Wi-Fi, Expansion Capability and Recording Software
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    The PreSonus StudioLive RM16AI Active Integration rackmount digital mixer gives you everything you need for mixing and recording, live or in the studio, in a compact 3-rackspace package. It gives you 16 fully recallable XMAX Class A preamps for your inputs, 32 internal channels, 25 buses, three main outputs, and a 52 x 34 FireWire audio interface operating at up to 96kHz, to give you all the great-sounding I/O you'll need to run the show. And with PreSonus's latest innovation, all of your mixing on the SLRM16AI is done on your iOS device, Mac, or PC via their UC-Surface touch control software.

    PreSonus StudioLive RM16AI at a Glance:
    Fully recallable 16 x 8 x 3 digital mixer
    Incredibly easy to use
    16 studio-quality XMAX preamps
    Convenient and compact 3-rackspace unit
    Powerful and intuitive UC-Surface software

    PreSonus optimized the SLRM16AI to be a powerful live mixer. It combines crystal-clear analog I/O with powerful digital processing, giving you superior audio for your PA along with a great-sounding recording rig. By simply adding a cable and your favorite DAW, the 52 x 34 FireWire 800 interface gives you up to 96kHz performance for recording live or in the studio. Use the 32 internal channels to add virtual instruments or click tracks from a DAW into your mix, and an additional 25 mix buses help keep your routing options flexible.

    52 x 34 FireWire 800 interface with up to 96kHz performance
    UC-Surface expands your mix with 32 internal channels and 25 mix buses
    Direct access to your DAW
    Includes Capture live-recording software, StudioOne Artist DAW for Mac and Windows, and Nimbit account

    Inspired by the best of their StudioLive consoles' hardware and processing, PreSonus redefines your mixing experience with the SLRM16AI. Designed to include everything your old front-of-house rack had, UC-Surface touch control software is your channel strip, your effects and processing rack, and your faders, all in one intuitive mixing tool. By capitalizing and expanding on th