As part of the Sennheiser line of digital products for mobile devices, the HANDMIC DIGITAL combines iOS and USB connectivity with the typical benefits of a Sennheiser microphone and the Apogee PureDigital pre-amp and the A/D converter in a rugged, all-metal housing.

**Simply Closer To The ‘Now‘**
Be close to the sound source while recording an interview or capturing a video.

**Mobile journalism - both for video and audio**
Record speech and dialogue in the field with resistance against wind noise while reducing side noise.

**Podcasting and voice recording**
Record no-fuss demos with excellent suppression of handling noise for ultra-portable high quality recording. 

**Capturing Live performance**
Recording a concert with detailed sound reproduction, at high presence and a high SPL.

**Vocal & instrument recording**
Get your creative song ideas quickly recorded without hassling with technology. 

**The Apps** 
Easy-to-use apps

MetaRecorder saves all recordings in the highest sound quality – including all the metadata to simplify the subsequent editing. The files are then available via Dropbox, iTunes, or for emailing. With the Maestro app, you can take full control of the HandMic digital’s finer settings.